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Byzantium Rosso Vintage 2018 75cl

“Byzantium Rosso” embodies the opulence of the Byzantine era with a robust and complex structure.

Intense red – ruby color, the wine reveals intense aromas of ripe berries and black plums derived from Feteasca Black, as well as red and black pepper derived from Shiraz.

The flavours are well integrated with notes of vanilla and chocolate and refined oak. The ending is long, crispy mint notes and violets structured by Cabernet Franc.

Culinary associations:

Menus with chicken, roast beef or lamb, stews or prepared with venison.

Colina Piatra Alba Red Dry 75cl

Of an intense ruby red with purple hues, the wine brings an explosion of well-baked black fruit flavours, complemented by red pepper and mint.

Oak notes, fine vanilla and chocolate shades are well integrated into the robust structure of the wine.

Culinary associations: Ideal with beef, lamb or barbecue dishes.

Colina Piatra Alba Rose Dry 75cl

Fresh, creamy and fruity, with flavors typical of the well-baked red fruit variety, cherries, raspberries, but also discreet notes of red flowers in the end.

Enjoy our Pinot Noir Rosé with friends and family, along with the sound of a good conversation or lively music.

Culinary associations: It can be served with fresh salads, shrimp, grilled fish or goat cheese.

Colina Piatra Alba White Dry 75cl

The wine has obvious aromas of well-baked yellow fruit brought by Chardonnay, complemented with shades of peaches and tropical fruits of the Viognier variety.

The long, slightly floral and mineral ending reminds us of the delicacy of the Feteasca Alba variety.

Culinary pairings: It is served with salads, seafood or poultry dishes, but it can also be an excellent appetizer.

Hyperion Vintage 2013 Cuvee Roumaine 75cl

Of an intense purple red with ruby shades, the wine brings an explosion of flavours of well-baked black fruits and tomatoes, supplemented with notes of dark chocolate, red pepper and pepper.

Tasteful, it has a robust and balanced structure.

The gentle tannins, beautifully harmonized with fruity and discreet notes of vanilla give volume and elegance to the wine.

Culinary associations: A wine that goes with the dishes of duck or pheasant, but also with those of lamb or beef.


The grapes from which this edition of the wine comes, were picked from the Halewood Fields – Short Vineyards. The clonal selection for the vine plantation at the Short vineyards was made at the Guillaume Nurseries (Dijon-France).

A ruby – violet, intense, the wine delights us with flavors reminiscent of freshly picked fruits, blueberries, black and red currants. In taste and aftertaste, the savory notes of black fruit are complemented with those of vanilla and spices. The robust but also fine structure is a great support of flavors and gives the wine length and elegance.


Prahova Valley Feteasca Alba White Medium Dry 75cl

A semi-dry, fresh, well-balanced and refreshing white wine that reveals a fine and delicate aroma of exotic fruits with notes of white field flowers and elderflower.

Culinary associations: It is recommended to be served as an appetizer or alongside fish, salads, light cheeses or seafood.

Prahova Valley Feteasca Neagra Red Medium Dry 75cl

A semi-dry, full-bodied red wine, rich in colour, with flavors of vine leaf, fresh bread and smoked plums, with notes of vanilla and fine tannins from the oak bars in which the wine was matured.

Culinary associations: A perfect partner for pasta, red meat dishes and fine cheeses.

Prahova Valley Merlot Rose Medium Dry 75cl

A demisec rose wine that stands out for its freshness and fruitiness, and its aromas are reminiscent of well-baked red and black fruits.

The structure and balanced acidity give it length and elegance in post-taste.

Culinary associations: A wine that can accompany light fish dishes, chicken meat or salads.