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The Talisman 100cl

The particularly high ratio of malt whiskies in this blend gives a smooth and rich blended Scotch Whisky. The majority of the malt whiskies used in The Talisman come from the Speyside region, which adds to the soft character of the whisky.

On the nose

A complex bouquet of malt and fruits

On the palate

Honey and vanilla flavours combined with hints of apple and subtle peat notes

The Talisman 70cl

A complex bouquet of fruits and maltiness, with some pleasing graininess, provides ample evidence of the skills of the blender. This superior blend delights the palate with lots of distinctive honey and vanilla flavors combined with hints of apple. The well-rounded aftertaste slowly reveals a medley of subtle, peaty notes which linger long on the palate.

Vol: 40%.