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Akashi Japanese Whisky 50cl

This hard-to-find Japanese whisky comes from the country’s smallest whisky distillery, and is distilled from barley specially-imported from Scotland.

Akashi Meisei Japanese Whisky 50cl

A blended Japanese whisky from White Oak, said to be made with 45% American oak matured single malt.

50cl / 40.0%

Classic American oak notes from the maturation period as the aromas and taste are that of sweet and refreshing vanilla as wood spices make things interesting.

toqouchi 15 ans

Togouchi Japanese 15 Year Old 70cl

The 15-year-old version of Togouchi’s blended whisky. A combination of whiskies from Canada and Scotland, which are blended together and aged in a Japanese railway tunnel. Nutty, chocolatey and spicy.

togouchi 9 years old

Togouchi Japanese 9 Year Old Whisky 70cl

Togouchi’s whiskies are blended from Scottish and Canadian spirit, and aged in a railway tunnel in Japan. The 9 year old is full of citrus notes with a hint of smoke.

togouchi kiwami

Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Whisky 70cl

Kiwami (meaning ‘supreme’) is a blended Japanese whisky from Chugoku Jozo who mature their whiskies in a 361 metre long tunnel rather than a warehouse.

togouchi premium

Togouchi Premium Japanese Whisky 70cl

Togouchi Premium marries Scottish heritage with Japanese blending knowledge from Chugoku Jozo. It is a well-balanced expression showing peaty and chocolate notes with the grain whisky sweetening the more powerful malt.

A frank and elegant nose, with notes of hazelnut and freshly-cut grass. The palate is sweet and gentle with honey, white pepper and nutmeg tones, and the finish is smooth and spiced.

Yamazakura Japanese Whisky 70cl

Alliance of modernity and japanese heritage, Yamazakura Blended has been assembled with four malted and grained whiskies.

Sasanokawa Shuzo distillery complete its whisky range with this Yamazakura Blended expression, matured in old bourbon barrels. This elegant japanese whisky is rich, complex and extends the discovery of liquors in the Land of the rising sun with new flavors.

Yamazakura has two japanese symbols: “Yama” means “montain” and “Sakura” means “temporary beauty” refering to cherry trees.

A fresh and fruity blended whisky from Japan, this is Yamazakura’s no-age-statement release. This has notes of orchard fruit, salted caramel and vanilla.