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Tatratea Citrus Liqueur 32% 70cl

Well balanced taste of citrus candy-like aromatic black teas. Amber and rich cockpit of Assam tea. Harmonic citrus grass, mint and verbena tea on the nose.

Tatratea Coconut Liqueur 22% 70cl

Enriched with coconut extracts, which give it its dominant sweetness and aroma. It also contains extracts from first-class white tea derived from young tea leaves, which enhance the taste of the product with their fineness.

Sweet notes of roasted coconut and running honey, milk tea-like flavours with brown sugar taste. Overall delicate and well balance of sweet taste caramelised Palm blossom-like notes and tea, honeycomb blossom flowers aroma.

Tatratea Forest Fruit Liqueur 62% 70cl

Enriched with extracts from delicious forest fruits – blueberries, blackberries and wild strawberries.

Berry fruit and black tea long-lasting finish with forest berry fruit aromas on your taste buds. Sweet blossoms, levandel and raspberry and blackberry leaf aroma combine perfectly and delicately with old-fashioned fruit candies finish.

Tatratea Minis in box of 6

TATRATEA 22% Coconut, TATRATEA 32% Citrus / TATRATEA 42%White / TATRATEA 52% Original  / TATRATEA 62% Forest Fruit  / TATRATEA 72% Outlaw


Vol. 50ml

Tatratea Original Liqueur 52% 70cl

Sweet taste of candied honey and long pleasant tea after-taste. Fresh raspberries and Assam tea aromas blended together with fantastic forest botanicals complexity.

Tatratea Outlaw Liqueur 72% 70cl

Enriched with extracts of cinchona and having less sugar than its brothers. This allows it to be the strongest in the TATRATEA family. Due to its high alcohol percentage, it is considered the genuine Slovak outlaws’ drink.

Tatratea Peach Liqueur 42% 70cl

Enduring taste honey wine and yellow blossoms. Fresh and dried golden peaches aroma perfumed with white tea.

Alc. 42%