Its history and distillation techniques descend from France of 18th century. The name derives from the drink’s main component Artemisia Absinthum (known in English as wormwood). The spirit is produced by maceration of herbs and is characterized by typical smell and lightly bitter taste of wormwood, which is furthermore stressed by adding mint and aniseed. Consumer can drink Absinth straight or it is suitable to be used in cocktails.

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Paradiso Black 70cl / 50cl Pet

Made in Greece.

The production process is similar to a traditional green Absinth. The difference is in the increased portion of aniseed, which approaches the taste of this product near to the French pastis- a close relative of Absinth.

70cl/50cl PET.

Vol: 80%

Paradiso Green 70cl / 50cl Pet

It is an anise-flavoured spirit derived from botanicals, including the flowers and leaves of Artemisia absinthium (“grand wormwood”), together with green anise, sweet fennel, and other medicinal and culinary herbs. Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless.


Paradiso Red 70cl / 50cl Pet

Made in Greece. Absinth Red differs from the green one in adding of cinnamon, which fill the spirit with interesting unique taste and smell. 70cl/50cl. Vol: 80%.