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Filfar Bergamont 50cl

A hint of bergamot with a whisper of citrus makes Filfar Bergamot a very welcome addition to the Filfar family of liqueurs.

Filfar Lemon Liqueur

The Cypriot lemons have one of the richest and smoothest aromas in the world. The selected lemons are peeled, leaving the flesh of the fruit intact and these are stored for 2 to 3 months in stainless steel tanks, before bottling.


70cl Gift Box



Filfar Mandarin Liqueur

The Cypriot mandarins that are used are rich in aromas and ethereal oils. They are known all over Cyprus as “the mandarins of Arakapas”. The whole production process is done by hand and from mandarins to bottle takes three months.

Filfar Orange Liqueur

The Traditional Cyprus Orange Liqueur. A subtle blend of sun-ripened oranges with aromatic herbs from the hillsides, handed down since the Venetian era. Tangy but mellow warmly golden, distinctively Cypriot.

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50cl Gift Box


70cl Gift box

4cl miniature