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Barbar Blond 33cl

A yellow honey coloured beer with a frothy head. Medium bodied with aromas of honey, grass and malt. Pleasantly sweet, long aftertaste with well hidden hop flavours.


Bottle 33cl

8% Abv

Barbar Bok 33cl

Dark brown colour with a big beige head. Medium bodied with notes of fresh spices, honey and chocolate. Long-lasting, fruity finish with unique spicy aftertaste.

Availability: bottle 33cl

8.5% Abv

Belgian Kriek 33cl

Red in colour with a pink frothy head. Mild bodied, blending white beer and cherry juice that give a refreshing sweetness and delicate acidity. Fresh fruity finish without a bitter aftertaste.

Availability: Bottle 33cl

3.5% Abv.

Belgian Peches 33cl

Golden yellow colour with a frothy head. Mild bdied with aromas of peach and exotic fruit such as mangos and passion fruit. The finish is long, sweet with no bitterness.

Availability: Bottle 33cl

3.5% Abv.

Blanche de Bruxelles 33cl

Cloudy yellow colour with a creamy head. Medium bodied with hints of passion fruit, pineapple and pear. Decent refreshing finish with fruity aftertaste.

Availability: 33cl

4.5% Abv.

Blanche de Bruxelles Rosee 25cl

Pink colour with a foamy head. Light bodied with intense notes of red and white fruit (strawberry and cherry, banana and peach) accompanied by fresh citrus notes (grapefruit) and green apple. Fruity finish with delicate refreshing aftertaste.

Availability: Bottle 25cl

4.5% Abv

Brugse Zot Blond 33cl

Golden and slightly cloudy brown colour with a rich frothy head. Strong, full bodied with a variety of fruity and spicy aromas. Elegant, dry finish with a long tropical aftertaste.

Alc. 6%

Brugse Zot Dubbel 33cl

Dark brown colour with a beige frothy head. Medium bodied combines aromas of honey, almonds, chocolate and brown sugar. Bitter and hoppy finish with pleasant yeasty aftertaste.

Alc. 7.5%

Floreffe Prima Melior 33cl

After secondary fermentation in the bottle in the purest tradition of Floreffe’s abbey beers, it has a very deep, almost black colour with a brown head. The nose, combining aniseed, liquorice, roast aromas and white fruits, is exceptionally rich and refined.

8% Alc.

Hopus 33cl

Cloudy, slightly golden colour with a tall, persistent head. Full bodied with notes of lemon, lime and orange, with a hint of white fruit, subtle vegetables and woody touches. Slightly bitter finish with a long strong aftertaste.

Availability: Bottle 33cl

8.3% Abv.

Manneken Pils 25cl

Golden clean yellow colour with frothy head. Medium bodied with a pleasant blend of pilsner malt, floral earthen hops, and toasted barely. Refreshing finish with mild dry aftertaste.

Availability: Bottle 25cl

5% Abv.

Newton 33cl

Yellow in colour with a compact head. Mild bodied with green apple aromas accompanied by hints of vanilla. Unique, fruity finish with no bitterness.

Availability: 33cl

3.5% Abv.

Saison 1900 33cl

Golden cloudy colour with frothy head. Mild bodied with fruity aromas, hints of vanilla and citrus. The finish is refreshingly dry and bitter with fresh hops.

Availability: 33cl

5.4% Abv.

Straffe Hendrik Heritage 75cl

Oak Aged version of Straffe Hendrik Quadtrapel. Dark brown colour with a rich mocha head. Full bodied with notes of light roast coffee, vanilla, sweet spice oak, chocolate and dark fruits. Smooth and creamy finish with substantial thickness that is dimmed by the oak.

Alc. 11%.

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel 33cl

Cloudy dark ruby colour with a creamy head. Full bodied with yeasty notes and hints of toffee and chocolate. The light bitterness on finish allows you to discover all the fruity aromas and special malts.

Availability: 33cl

11% Abv

Straffe Hendrik Tripel 33cl

Golden orange colour topped with a creamy head. Full bodied spicy, yeasty aromas and hints of black pepper and coriander. The presence of orange and banana leaves a strong aftertaste with a hop inspired finish.

Availability: Bottle 33cl

9% Abv.